Cactus Beach spoils its guests with three different restaurants, favors and delicacies. Allow our chefs to mystify you with their creations of varied cuisines, get indulged by with their fresh ingredients and hand-picked herbs.


At the main restaurant, guests are welcome to enjoy a Mediterranean breakfast buffet and certified Greek breakfast buffet with countless different breakfast delicacies to choose from. Lunch and dinner are also hosted at the Main restaurant. Our guests can choose also from our show cooking offer (breakfast, lunch, dinner).


Cactus Beach is proud to offer guests its restaurant of Italian cuisine. In an indoor area decorated in wood and stone features, the romantic and charming atmosphere of the hotel in combination to the freshly prepared Italian delicacies makes the restaurant an ideal choice for a romantic and extraordinary dinner. Reservations are required.


Under the starlight, right next to the beach, guests are charmed and enchanted by the atmosphere and the light sea breeze of the Greek tavern in the evening at Cactus Beach. Serving traditional Greek cuisine, guests are welcome to enjoy sea-food flavors prepared in the traditional Cretan manner by experiences chefs.


Next to the main restaurant of Cactus Beach, the Main Bar Mythos opens its doors to guests wishing to enjoy a cooling beverage or an alcoholic. Offering a large selection of cocktails, the bar is the ideal choice for relaxation and re-winding during all hours.


Three bars at Cactus Beach are awaiting for guests to be spoiled by choice. The Pool bar opens its doors at 10:00 and remains open until 23:00 in the afternoon. Enjoy your cooling beverage or cocktail, light snacks and cakes next to the dazzling zephyr water of the pools. 


Feel the soft sand under your toes while enjoying your favorite beverage or alcoholic drink by the beach. Relax, enjoy and smell the distinctive salty aura of the deep blue sea! The Beach Bar serves coffee, tea, cold refreshments and exciting alcoholic drinks from 10:00 until 18:00 every day. 


Cactus Royal Resort & Spa

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28970 35001
f.:+30 28970 35080
MHTE 1039K015A0186800

Cactus Beach Hotel

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28970 31319
f.: +30 28970 31589,
ΜΗΤΕ 1039Κ014Α0025900

Cactus Village Hotel

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28970 31319
f.: +30 28970 31589
ΜΗΤΕ 1039K014A0203400

Cactus Bay Hotel

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28970 31960
f.: +30 28970 31961
ΜΗΤΕ 1039K032A0019701

Cactus Mare Hotel

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28973 05150
ΜΗΤΕ 1039Κ012Α0017400


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