Cactus Beach Hotel & Bungalows

Сочетание синего свече моря и ослепительно, сверкающий песка пляжа, Cactus Beach ждет своих исследователей на гостей со всего мира. Найдено на берегу моря-примыкает к одной из тихого и спокойного села Сталис, Cactus Beach щедро предлагает широкий спектр услуг и удобств для гостей, проживающих в своих помещениях. С сотнями ретрансляторов и его славной семьи ориентированной среде, Cactus Beach ждет своих исследователей и наслаждался. Славные сады разноцветных цветов, растений и зеленых кактусов расширить до глаз может видеть. Три пресноводные бассейны там предложить охлаждающий побег из горячей критской климата..


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Unforgettable vacation, i will definitely go back | Review Rate: 6.0 / 6 - Biggi

Very beautiful plant with many beautiful plants and trees. I was cordially and friendly welcome and had a very pleasant stay. My room was spacious and very quiet. And it was daily carefully cleaned. Towels were specially folded ☺ the food and quality of the courses good to very good: always fresh fruit and salads. The guests at the sweet grapes and water melon overthrown. In this hotel was young as well as old represented. There were many germans in the hotel, but also several other nationalities. Everything about this hotel is perfect! The location of the Cactus Beach is very good. A successful holiday. I have rested myself very good! This hotel i can to 100 percent recommend.Biggi

Relaxation and fun, a beautiful holiday | Review Rate: 5.8 / 6 - Sabine

Hotel is on a large scale, the number of guests well spread. Condition of the hotel was very good. The guest structure was mixed young and old, singles couples, families. Many german and french guests. All inclusive: breakfast from 07 to 10 hours, lunch, evening 18-21 hours, snacks (greek chives, fruit, occupied rolls) at the pool bar/beach bar open from 10 am until 23 hours.

Super large complex, right on the beach! | Review Rate: 5.8 / 6 - Marco

In the hotel is great and in good condition. Was over 10 years already so! Super express and nice staff. Food was delicious, one had to apply from time to time after pepper. But were plentiful spices available. In the hotel there were mostly german guests. But french, british, finns, russians of all ages are also represented. Wireless internet costs 1 €per hour. But you are on holiday as you need not!


Анимация Бесконечное удовольствие и развлечение для взрослых и детей, Cactus Beach предлагает мероприятия для нтересов всех гостей, проживающие в своих помещениях.


Критский Рынок Наслаждайтесь ярким и под открытым небом критском расположен на каменных путей Cactus Beach.. Киоски, предлагающих традиционные продукты и артефакты ждут Вас, чтобы обнаружить их.



Cactus Beach Hotel & Bungalows

Cactus Beach Hotel & Bungalows

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Cactus Beach Hotel & Bungalows
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